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The EASSW, European Association of Schools of Social Work, is dedicated to foster dialogue among social work educators, practitioners and students. It has engaged a constant effort to promote a change in perspective which will enable social workers to reinterpret the current crisis and transform it into a chance for real and sustainable social change in the future. The ultimate goal is to develop high quality education and training for social work practice across Europe. The success and rewarding atmosphere of the 2015 EASSW Milan conference as a site of mutual learning and reflection, exchange of ideas, and professional and educational debate, engages us to commit even more strongly to making a step forward in enhancing the quality of social work education and training in Europe.

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The association UNAFORIS, National union of the players in education and research in Social work, contributes to French and European training policies, organization and structure of training systems and to the development of quality. It promotes training centers, curriculum development and research both at a national and international level.

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